Digital Lounge and Automation

A fully Integrated LMS(KOHA) has been implemented in the Library with complete RFID Integration which automates data collection and vastly reduces human effort and error. This facilitates automated access to faculty, research scholars and students. In this System, Once Student or Faculty members enters in the library, his/her entry is automatically recorded by tapping RFID Smart ID Cards issued to them on Access Control Flap barriers.  OPAC Kiosks are available for searching the books on every floor through Koha and users can locate the books easily as floor number rack number is already given in the system. Students/Faculty members can independently issue/return books using RFID Equipment without any human intervention.  All users (PATRONS) can track their account on KOHA system where they can see the details of books issued to them and their due date and fine imposed in case of delay etc. Users can also hold the book which is already issued and intimation will be sent to the user once it is available for issuance. All the books in the library are tagged with RFID tags and thus any kind of theft is also being prevented with the installation of RFID Security Gates.

Digital Lounge and Automation

The Library is a member of INFLIBNET’s Consortium  for Higher Education Electronic Resources, which is providing access to 7232+ e journals and some databases i.e. Web of Science, MathScinet, Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) and jGate plus (JCCC). Besides, these e-resources about 2300 online journals from  various publishers  such as John Wiley , Elsevier  and Royal Society of Chemistry, Theme and IEEE e-journals and conference proceedings are being subscribed by the Library. Recently Library has also subscribed about 8678 e-books from publishers like Elsevier, Springer Nature and  Taylor & Francis. Keeping in view of the optimum and effective usage of these e-resources, a new dedicated computer Lab/Digital Lounge consisting of 100 high end systems with latest configuration and internet facility has recently been established with the help of RUSA 2.0 grant. This lab is being used for faculty and students for accessing e-resources (E-journals and E-Books)

A Seminar cum orientation Hall has also been established with multimedia facilities and smart digital podium to organize orientation programme for a batch of students and faculty.

Bhai Gurdas Library has also digitized 1511 manuscripts and 1656 Rare Books in Rare Books and Manuscripts Section. Library has digitized 1324 theses in Theses, Dissertations and Punjabi Reference Library Section. 1577 theses has been uploaded on Shodhganga.

64 High Definition Cameras (Sixteen cameras at each floor) have been installed in the Bhai Gurdas Library for better CCTV surveillance