Bhai Gurdas Library, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar has a treasure trove of approximately 1516 priceless manuscripts. The theme of subject of these manuscripts pertains to religion, Punjab history, medicine, Punjab’s rich cultural and literary heritage in Hindi (64), Sanskrit(28), Urdu and Persian(129) and Gurmukhi script. Original manuscripts of Adi Granth adorn our collection. The manuscripts have been a perennial source of information and inspiration for scholars from Punjab, other Indian States and foreign countries like U.S.A., U.K., Canada etc. and would keep on attracting enthusiastic scholars in the coming times too.

For optimum and purposeful use of the manuscripts, their microfilming and Digitization is in progress and a catalogues of bibliographic description of manuscripts has been compiled in 5 volumes.

This Catalogue consists of Manuscript Number, Title, Author, Calligrapher, Time, Place, Pages, General description.

S. No. Volumes Entries
1. Manuscript Vol. 1 1-300
2. Manuscript Vol. 2 301-600
3. Manuscript Vol. 3 601-900
4. Manuscript Vol. 4 MS-901-1286, 5001, 5105, MSG-1-127
5. Manuscript Vol. 5 (Part 1 Urdu, Persian Manuscripts
  Manuscript Vol. 5 (Part 2) Hindi and Sanskrit Manuscripts